Bocce ball is an Italian game that has since become popular worldwide. Because the game requires strategy and precision, maintaining a flat, level surface is critical. Artificial turf is low-maintenance, so it doesn't require the same amount of care and attention as live grass. This is especially important for bocce courts, which must be kept in good condition to keep gameplay fair and fun. Because of its durability and resistance to heavy use and harsh weather, it can withstand lots of use and is playable as quickly as half an hour after rain, not to mention it will hold up for years. Organic grass can get waterlogged and muddy in wet weather, making it unsuitable for playing bocce ball. You can know that artificial turf will stay dry and playable. This means that bocce ball can be enjoyed all year round, whatever of the weather.

Oakley Bocce Ball Court

Oakley Bocce Ball Courts


Bocce courts are usually designed to be 60 feet by 12 feet, but the court size can be adapted to fit the allocated space. As leaders in the artificial turf industry, we’ve endeavored hard to offer you the highest-quality synthetic grass solutions for a wide range of applications. One of the many areas we excel is customized bocce ball courts with a custom-made turf specifically for Bocce. We know how to create a perfect field and base built around playability with expert installation provided by Southwest Greens East Bay.


When it comes to creating a special turf surface for a bocce court, Southwest Greens East Bay offers a range of options to suit your situation. Our 25+ years of putting green experience offer top-quality performance in bocce surfacing. Our best bocce ball artificial turf is the SWG Bocce Pro. This turf is made with a dense, short pile height, which gives reliable ball roll. Though the installation will make sure that the ball will not bounce or unpredictably roll. The turf also has a natural-looking color and is infused with UV inhibitors to prevent the turf from fading. This turf is manufactured to give you a genuine appearance and texture. The SWG Bocce Pro turf is also very durable and can stand up to intense wear and tear without showing signs of damage. This is why it’s ideal for bocce ball courts that are used often.

Oakley Bocce Ball Game

Oakley Custom Bocce Court


We take pride in beautiful greens. Take advantage of our personalized design services for your new bocce ball court. Our team at Southwest Greens can design a customized plan for your specific needs and preferences. The artificial turf bocce ball court can be tailored to fit the available space and have different patterns to create a unique and personalized look. Include logos or graphics into the design? Not a problem. This is an ideal option for businesses or organizations that wish to promote their brand.


The professionals at Southwest Greens East Bay can create a bocce ball surface that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are an Oakley homeowner looking to add an enjoyable, stimulating space to your outdoor area or a business looking to create an attractive outdoor area for your staff or clients, Southwest Greens has you taken care of!

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