June 23, 2021

Discover why synthetic turf in Oakley is preferable to traditional grass

Turf Solutions for Pets

Getting a dog doesn’t suggest you need to abandon your dream of owning a luxuriant, green lawn. You only have to have the right type of grass. Synthetic grass will solve common issues of most K9 past-times such as:

Brown Spots

Pet urine has a high nitrogen composition and pH level, which has a tendency to char grass and leave unsightly brown stains. With artificial grass, you won’t have a spotted yard anymore. Synthetic grass filaments will not become stained when they establish contact with pet waste either.


Unlike authentic grass with single filaments sprouting out of the soil, artificial turf has a backing that keeps all the blades together. This discourages your cherished pets from digging in the backyard and wrecking your landscaping.


The inherently hypoallergenic and antimicrobial exterior of artificial turf indicates that fleas, ants, and ticks aren’t planning to live in residing in your lawn — no pests in the lawn or for your dog to transport inside your home.


The totally permeable, non-absorbent backing of artificial turf allows it to drain more and neater than genuine grass. That means it’s possible to clean messes and pet waste by merely rinsing the area using a water hose. Considering that artificial grass is inorganic, it does not in any way need water to sustain a green, elegant appearance all year long. It also never needs to be cut.


Getting rid of frequent watering and cutting also suggests that your dog will never track in grime or lawn clippings from your lawn. In this way, an always clean and tidy lawn also promotes a spotless house.

Why Synthetic Instead of Organic Turf?

Most synthetic grass is porous and installed over a compact sub-base. Whenever your pet goes to the bathroom on the turf, it first touches the outer layer (fiber and infill). Coated infill and water-resistant fibers prevent the absorption of liquid. This enables bacteria and litter to naturally pass through the turf.

While permeability of the grass is key, the turf permeability rate is not necessarily the bottleneck. The subbase is usually compacted at 90-95 percent and is the limiting factor of soil penetration. Hence, it is the most critical consideration. If the base is appropriately installed, it will allow for natural permeability.

Additional Artificial Turf Advantages

In addition to making pet ownership simpler, synthetic grass provides additional benefits to barefooted family members, too.

Non-toxic & Safe

Our fibers and infill are crafted by specialists that last a lifetime and are completely harmless for puppy paws and baby feet.

Decreased Allergies

Say farewell to grass and weed allergens connected to organic grass.

Chemical-free maintenance

Protect your pet’s well-being by removing the demand for grass harsh chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Cushioned Infill

Cushioned infill creates a safer place to run and play without worrying about rough falls.

Drastically Decreased Bills

Are you paying someone to keep your lawn in good shape? Get rid of expensive maintenance and watering bills.

Abundant & Natural-Looking

Our products are made with high-quality raw materials and resistant to UV rays, giving you a new look for years of enjoyment.

Keep It Cool

HydroChill™ technology that makes for the coolest synthetic grass in the community.

Want to Wave Goodbye To Traditional Grass?

In a nutshell, pet turf cannot be installed with a marketing gimmick — this will just trap the smell underneath the surface and hide odor problems. So, it is essential to follow the fundamentals, take advantage of top-tier water-resistant fibers/coated infills, and talk to one of our installation specialists to get the appropriate base for your implementation.

Whether you have kids or dogs — larger or small — Southwest Greens East Bay is guaranteed to be your finest source for pet and family-friendly artificial turf. Gorgeous each and every year, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the ease that accompanies synthetic grass.

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