August 23, 2022

Artificial turf is a popular solution for Oakley playgrounds in recent years thanks to its effortless maintenance and safety ratings. Read on for ideas to create a beautiful and safe play space the Southwest Greens way.



Synthetic grass will look good on your playground, but that’s just one of the numerous reasons why people and local municipalities are using it on playgrounds. The following are a few of the primary advantages.



When you pick Southwest Greens you select a reputable company and system that is independently tested. IPEMA Certified artificial turf and cushion for playgrounds are perfect for yards, schools, and communities. Our Play Collection not only looks stunning but also characteristics like thick padding under the turf surface to soften falls. You won’t have to bother regarding hazardous fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides with synthetic grass either. Harmful chemicals like these are absorbed into clothes and skin long after initial contact and are a major concern for adults and kids alike.



Thanks to our fantastic Research and Development team, our turf offers the perfect fusion of aesthetics and durability. Our grass blades uses high-end raw materials and resins to replicate natural turf.

Think about adding an intuitive cooling system like HydroChill® keeps the grass temperature even on the warmer summer days. This precoat is applied to the sand infill and triggered by adding moisture (precipitation or a quick sprinkle from the hose), to provide significant cooling for hot days.



Synthetic grass is the ideal pick for areas subject to high foot traffic like play areas, due to its durable design. Southwest Greens playground collection ensures improved shock absorption even in those areas which receives a regular beating (like the area at the end of a slide or the bottom of a fireman pole). You can count on it to be there for years to come.



The porous pad underlayer of Southwest Greens turf gives rapid drainage both vertically and laterally. Therefore, downpours won't cause muddy spots, and you will not have to be concerned about storm-run-off exposing the playground to chemicals. Thus many parks and municipalities, schools, and daycares have decided to install artificial grass on their playgrounds.



If you’re looking to create a beautiful and safe play area, we have a few ideas to aid you get started with your planning.



Artificial Turf Playground by Southwest Greens East Bay

Start by choosing a fun theme for your playground. You can do themes like spaceships, pirate ships, jungles, castles… the list goes on! Do not be afraid to blend concepts to find the ideal playground layout for your situation.


Artificial grass play area by Southwest Greens East Bay

Equipment on playgrounds can get hot on the dog days of summer. Nowadays there are many options for installing unnatural shade to combat this problem. Make sure to have a reputable contractor install these shade tents, so they satisfy all safety requirements.



Synthetic grass playground by Southwest Greens East Bay

Children grow up quickly. If you’re going to install a play area, you should think about adding other areas that will attract the older little ones, too. Adding items like swing sets and standard monkey rails alongside your playground equipment will accommodate various age groups.



Nighttime artificial turf playground by Southwest Greens East Bay

Even if majority of the playgrounds are closed after dark, adding lighting can give your space a gorgeous focal point at night while providing security. Be sure if you decide to add ground lighting that you pick LED bulbs. LED lights do not create as much heat as standard bulbs, which means they are ideal for synthetic grass.



Hilly artificial turf playground by Southwest Greens East Bay

With synthetic grass, you can provide more than just the fun of a playground to a recreation area. Kids love to roll down and run around hills. You can create ridges towards the edges of the play equipment to offer a fun and exciting spin on things.



The highest priority of playgrounds should be safety. Synthetic turf provides a safer environment for kids to play hard. At Southwest Greens East Bay, we take this seriously so you can have the best. Our independently tested systems include the following  ASTM quality and safety standards:

  • ASTM quality and safety standards:
  • ASTM 1292-09 (Fall Height)
  • ASTM F 1551 (Coefficient of Friction)
  • BS 7044 (Water Infiltration)
  • BS 7044 (Water Infiltration)
  • ASTM F 1951-99 (ADA)
  • ASTM D2854 & FF 170 (Surface Flammability)
  • ASTM F 2765 (Heavy Metal Content)
  • ASTM D 2256-02 (Tensile Strength)


Ready to design your new playground? Southwest Greens East Bay is here for you. Our team of professionals can help you create and install the perfect play area for your space. Feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.